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 Thanks to stable growth in various sectors of the economy, Turkey today presents a tidbit for those who plan to acquire property abroad.

However, in order to make the most profitable purchase, you need to go a long and difficult way. What to buy - house, apartment or apartment? In which city, at what price? How to make a deal and reduce all possible risks associated with the registration of property under the laws of a foreign country?

There is no doubt that you will need a guide to the real estate world, which will make this path easy and enjoyable, save you from difficulties and save your capital.

Come to us as soon as you decide to buy property in Turkey. Only here you will receive the most relevant and reliable information about the real estate market, its pitfalls, the laws of the country, your rights and obligations as an owner. After all, the burden of such a purchase can be heavy and outweigh the expected benefits. Do not go with the flow and not become a victim of circumstances, biting your elbows and regretting the lost money and time - this is what you should strive for. And what we will help you achieve.

First, determine your main goal.
Do you want to invest in real estate? If so, then through the purchase or, perhaps, rental of housing? Do you want to live permanently in Turkey or will you be able to control your investments while abroad? Based on your goals, we will be able to determine the search environment, identify the risks and benefits that a buyer may face.

Determine the location of the object
Knowing the main purpose of the purchase, as well as determining the geography of the object, our specialists will be able to determine the search circle from the unlimited variety of objects. You can invest in residential or non-residential real estate, for example, in the manufacturing sector. In the second case, you will need to evaluate the ease of access of raw materials to the site, the possibility of transportation and distribution of products in the shortest possible time.

If you are looking for comfortable housing for yourself and your family, it is extremely important to choose a place as close as possible to your office, school and kindergarten, shops and supermarkets. All of these points must be considered together; monitor the prices of real estate in the selected and neighboring areas. So we can withdraw a certain average figure - the amount that you can spend on the purchase.

Define the characteristics of your property
The area, number of rooms, layout of your property is the main thing that you should think about after you decide on the area. You need to proceed from the number of family members, age of children, lifestyle - for example, do you plan to spend time with guests in a spacious living room, or do you like to live in solitude. It is also important to understand for whom this property will be valuable if you invest in real estate and intend to sell or rent housing in the future.

If this is a production building, you need to consider the number of employees, type of activity and types of activity. The workspace should be as efficient as possible, ergonomic.

Define a budget
After monitoring prices and deciding how much you are willing to spend on buying property in Turkey, we negotiate the purchase budget. It is important to understand that this amount may decrease or increase depending on the region in which we look after a house or apartment. The price is also affected by who and in what form owns the property. We will have to determine the minimum and maximum of the amount that you are willing to spend along with all the additional costs.

Purchase process
The mechanisms for finding or buying property in Turkey are different, and different companies offer different solutions. Among them there are unscrupulous agencies that do not give guarantees. It is also dangerous to think that you can do it yourself, because it is important not only to know the market, understand the language, but also to take into account a lot of nuances in this area, to be able to avoid pitfalls. Buying or selling real estate on your own, you can encounter a lot of problems at different stages.

The agency, which has extensive experience working with foreigners, where experts who thoroughly know the market work, will become a reliable assistant for a newcomer. It is we who possess information on the mechanisms of paperwork, we know the laws of the country governing the purchase of real estate. With us you will not puzzle over how to register a property right guaranteeing your rights to purchased property. This will allow you to go to your goal without fear and unnecessary doubts.

Buying property in Turkey will open up new horizons for you, will present attractive opportunities. In a country where hospitality is embedded in culture, where a wonderful climate, rich architecture and beautiful nature are found, it is very difficult to be unhappy. In addition, Turkish real estate is still really affordable for many.

House by the sea. Apartment in the business center of Istanbul. Apartments on the coast. Your dreams of a beautiful life can come true in the very near future!

Start exploring the issue, and we will be your faithful compass in the ocean of real estate.

If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase housing in Turkey, you can always contact our specialists to find the best housing and detailed information. You can find our offer of real estate in Turkey here.

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