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Turkey has a high reputation in the world and there is a large proportion of various real estate investments from buying a property in Turkey in general or buying a property in Istanbul in particular, as there is a large proportion of foreign investors who aspire to buy a property in Turkey, whether for residence or even for investment, Turkey has recently witnessed an increased demand to buy real estate, whether it is apartments in Turkey or villas, and there are many foreigners who want to buy real estate due to the many privileges that the Turkish real estate market enjoys that attract both the buyer and investor to own real estate because it has many advantages of buying a property in Turkey.

Let's talk about everything related to the advantages of buying a property in Turkey and what is the reason why many foreigners buy real estate.

The Turkish government has taken a set of serious and bold decisions to advance the real estate sector and the real estate market in Turkey in recent years, by offering some incentives that would encourage the demand for investment and buying a property from foreign investors, and these decisions came in the category of the investor and his interest on the one hand, supporting the Turkish economy and its real estate sector on the other hand.

One of the most important factors that played a positive role in support of the real estate market in Turkey is the issuance of many laws that stimulate real estate investment, in addition to the fact that Turkey is living in political and social stability and is ideal compared to the surrounding and regional conditions and even compared to the Turkish situation itself several years ago, and let us not forget the great and mutual trust between Turkey And Middle Eastern investors by purchasing a property in Turkey.

Tax cuts are also considered an effective tool for the economic decision-maker to activate the wheel of the local economy, in addition to being a catalyst to attract foreign investments to buy real estate in Turkey.

These reductions included a series of decisions that dealt with the real estate sector in Turkey specifically, and they played an active and positive role in motivating the foreign investor to buy more real estate in Turkey and contribute to reviving the real estate market in general.

In an attempt to boost foreign investment and help restore the balance of the Turkish lira, it is now possible to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing $ 250,000 in real estate in Turkey for a period of three years. Previously, only those who invested in the amount of one million US dollars were entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship, and now the lump sum is three quarters of it more appropriate. Also, officials expect that this step will double real estate sales in Turkey and attract money to the country that would have been invested elsewhere.

The various attractions that attract attention in Turkey, from a wonderful climate, a promising economy, a huge real estate market, and many tourist and historical landmarks that attract tourists from different parts of the world to them, all of this makes buying a property in Turkey an excellent and profitable option, as the Turkish community is considered from the closest societies to the conservative Arab environment, and Turkish customs and traditions coincide with some customs in the Arab region, which provides a sense of reassurance and security when deciding to buy a property in Turkey and reside in it.

In Turkey you will find many cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul 2020 that suit all budgets and you can choose what suits you from Istanbul apartments, Bosphorus apartments, and for sure you will find a complex for investment in Istanbul and you will find a complex with a sea view and even the most amazing homes in Turkey, and the prices of apartments in Istanbul will be acceptable and suitable for investors.

There are many things that you must verify before purchasing a property in Turkey:

Before buying a property in Turkey, you must verify the title deed of the property and that it is free from problems as debt, and confirm this through the municipality of the project area or appoint a lawyer to confirm the title deed of the property, and the contract between the seller and the buyer must include all the details from the date of the project's end and a timetable on how to pay and other conditions so that your property matters in order to be a successful real estate buying experience in Turkey.

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