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Turkey is a typical real estate country, its real estate market is active and has a variety of options. Its real estate investments vary in an unlimited number of ways.

Turkey is known for its huge and unique urban revolution in the world, and this is reflected in the real estate it contains. Turkish houses constitute a distinctive real estate and investment pattern that combines Turkish heritage, modernity and sophistication, and their designs and shapes abound to satisfy all tastes of residents and investors. The prices of these homes are considered appropriate, and competitive with the prices of similar houses in many developed real estate countries. 

What are the factors that determine the price of the house in Turkey

Several basic factors meet to determine the price of the house, as the price per square meter varies among Turkish homes depending on the location in the first degree ... and the site with a wider view combined with a location in the center of one of the vibrant Turkish cities in life such as Antalya, Istanbul or Izmir, plays a role in house prices when compared to the prices of houses located in the suburbs and outskirts of cities, and other factors such as the proximity of the house to public roads and transportation, and centers of social and economic life ... The prices of an ​​a larger house area with more quality designs, are relatively high compared to less modern homes, since the price here is determined by the quality of designs, construction methods, materials used, cladding, furnishings, decoration and luxury ... 

An insight into house prices in Turkey  

Turkey is witnessing a remarkable real estate development that includes all types of real estate and real estate investments, including homes. In addition, government decisions and legislation have recently been issued to attract real estate investors, including the law of granting Turkish citizenship through real estate investment, which has raised the pace of investors arriving to the region, and it achieves development interest and investment profits for both investors and the Turkish state. 

All of the above-mentioned factors had a clear impact on the rise in real estate prices, including homes. Despite the increase in prices, Turkish real estate and homes continued to enjoy competitive and relatively low prices compared to countries that enjoy the same features of Turkish real estate. 

The importance of homes in Turkey 

The ever-active real estate investment movement in Turkey is coupled with government support for the real estate sector, in addition to Turkey being a destination for thousands of tourists, make Turkish homes a successful investment project par excellence, as profits can be achieved by renting these houses during the seasons of tourism at high prices, or selling them or investing it in various ways ... 

Also, residency in Turkey is one of the common aspirations of many investors, whether for tourism or for permanent housing in Turkey, where the standard of living is good and upscale, as homes are one of the Turkish real estate patterns that are increasingly in demand and varied in a way that meets all desires and requirements. 

The competitive prices of Turkish homes and the many advantages make them the focus of attention of many people of high taste, so if you are thinking of buying a house in Turkey, we can say that your decision will be correct and will give you absolute benefit whatever your purpose of the house might be. Real estate companies in the country guarantee that you are informed about the latest home offers that suit your taste and financial capabilities, and ensure that you own the house without making any effort, and as soon as possible. The real estate companies remain with you to complete all the contracts related to the purchase of the house, and the steps and procedures that follow in case you wish to invest or reside in the house relying on their extensive experience and various public relations.

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