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Turkey is one of the most promising countries in real estate investment. Today this country is experiencing a boom in urban development, and the pace of construction in large cities only grows over time.

The real estate sector is becoming an international economic mecca, where investors from all over the world flock. We will tell you how to objectively assess the pricing in the Turkish real estate market, as well as the factors that have caused such a great demand for housing in this sunny country. First of all, this is the advanced economy and the development of the industrial sector, which Turkey has achieved in recent decades.

The developed infrastructure of residential areas provides access to all services and benefits of civilization. And, of course, the pillar of the Turkish economy is the tourism sector, in which billions of dollars are spinning. Millions of tourists from different countries of the world come to Turkey every year, including those who are even more economically prosperous. And many of the foreigners, impressed by the beautiful nature, climate and historical heritage of the hospitable country, are seriously thinking about purchasing real estate here.

It is important to note that the quality of construction is strictly controlled by government agencies. The buildings are designed in accordance with the general architectural appearance of the area and meet all modern safety requirements. They are durable and comfortable to live in.

However, the rate of growth in property prices remains very small compared to other countries where you can find similar living standards in Turkey. And this is definitely a huge advantage for Turkey. It is not only beautiful here, but also quite safe. Life in Turkey is comfortable and does not lag behind European standards. Of course, real estate prices in different regions can vary significantly, the factors affecting pricing are numerous. We will analyze the main ones.

Property location

The location of the property is one of the most important factors in determining the price. It is influenced by its proximity to developed and popular areas, attractions, major transport links and socially significant sites. Housing on the outskirts will be cheaper by default.

Object area

The price almost always depends on the number of square meters. The larger the area, the more expensive your object will be. However, if you are buying a really large space, you can count on a significant discount on the cost of each square meter.


In residential and commercial premises, pricing takes into account the height of the floor on which the apartment is located: the higher the floor on which the apartment is located, the higher the price.

View from the window

Scenic views from the window to parks, location on embankments or on the shores of lakes are an important factor affecting the price. The more beautiful the view, the more you have to pay for the apartment, which is quite fair.


Such benefits of civilization in modern quarters as round the clock security, cleaning, the availability of recreation facilities - swimming pools, sports clubs and spa centers is a very important factor affecting the price of housing.

As we said, the price is influenced by the location of the property. It is entirely up to the client to choose a region that is comfortable to live in for you. Someone is interested in proximity to the sea, someone - to a busy business center, someone - to the airport. Someone wants to live in a quiet place alone with nature, and this way of life is also available and comfortable in Turkey.

In any case, it is important to know the nuances of the market, which experienced real estate specialists can help you to understand. The investor himself, without sufficient experience, will not be able to adequately assess the real situation in this area. New facilities are constantly emerging, infrastructure is improving, shopping centers, schools, hospitals and road junctions are being built. To save nerves, time and budget, the best way out is to turn to professionals in a real estate agency. After all, you invest your money in real estate in a foreign country, the laws of which may not always be transparent and understandable for a foreigner.

We will be happy to advise you on all the intricacies of buying real estate in Turkey and put our expertise at the service of your interests.

If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing real estate in Turkey, you can always contact our specialists for the selection of the best housing and detailed information. You can familiarize yourself with our offer of real estate in Turkey here.

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