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Real estate investment in Turkey is a good idea and suitable for many who come to Turkey, whether by buying an apartment in Turkey or buying a property in Turkey for work.

Make your decision to buy a property in Turkey based on definitive answers to all your questions when searching for real estate for sale in Turkey, and plan well before embarking on the search for real estate  in Turkey.

Determine the type of property required, according to your goal of buying a property in Turkey. Either buy a property that falls under commercial real estate, which is investing in non-residential property types, such as commercial offices and shops, or choosing to buy a property that falls under residential real estate. Investing in Turkey real estate that is used for residential purposes only, such as villas for sale, houses for sale, sea-view apartments, Bosphorus apartments and many other residential real estate in Turkey.

There are various factors that have contributed to the growth of the real estate sector in Turkey, including the development of the Turkish state as a whole industrial sectors in addition to the development of the infrastructure surrounding residential neighborhoods in which you will find your property in the search for real estate for sale in Turkey, which provides residents with the best public services within facilities dedicated to all social cases. In addition to the tourism sector, which is one of the pillars of the Turkish economy, where millions of tourists visit Turkey annually, who come from all countries of the world.

On the other hand, the investor may make a wrong decision when buying a property in Turkey, so some Arab investors, when searching for real estate for sale in Turkey, try to buy a property on their own, with the aim of getting rid of paying real estate purchase commissions or for their lack of confidence in real estate brokerage companies, and in this case they may offer Real estate investment applicants have higher risk and cost.

If your main goal of buying a property in Turkey is real estate investment, you should pay attention to important points that will help you for a successful real estate investment in Turkey. Let's take a look at some important things when buying a property in Turkey:

* The best type of real estate investment is to buy real estate in Turkey in a location that has a great demand, which makes its market value continuously increasing and that it has a demand in rents, which will bring you returns that can be increased annually. Such type of real estate in Turkey should not be forfeited.

* One of the important points when buying real estate in Turkey is investing across wider geographical areas, and if you want to invest in Turkey, you must know the best real estate location in Turkey in addition to diversifying the real estate to protect your portfolio from the fluctuations of the local market.

* Choose the right time for real estate investment in Turkey to ensure its success, the best times for selling real estate in Turkey is in the summer.

During the summer period in Turkey, the demand for real estate in Turkey is high due to the arrival of tourists from all over the world from abroad during the holidays, and the demand is very high for coastal apartments.

* Invest property in Turkey in vital areas, for example Istanbul real estate, in the residential complexes in Istanbul you will find many services in addition to the presence of a public transport network, malls, commercial services and advanced medical services.

Buying an apartment in Turkey is the dream of many these days, so if you want to buy an apartment in Turkey, especially buying an apartment in Istanbul, and the appropriate payment method for you is installment and not cash payment, then you need to know ways to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul in installments, so there are two ways to buy apartments in Istanbul in installments, namely: Buying apartments in installments directly from the construction company, or you can buy apartments in installments through a loan from the bank.

 And remember that construction companies in Turkey often offer the option to sell real estate in Turkey in installments when it is under construction, especially in the early stages of construction, as the company benefits from the first payments in financing the construction, the closer the date of delivery of the property in Turkey to the buyer, the higher its price, when buying real estate in Turkey The value of the first payment varies according to the company and the real estate offer, but the natural first payment is 35%, but in general, the higher the value of the first payment, the lower the total price value.

As for Istanbul real estate prices, they vary according to the region, especially the European side, which includes a group of areas that constantly maintain its real estate value, and according to the latest statistics for 2020, the price per meter of Istanbul real estate ranges between 20,000 to 48,000 pounds according to the area, the facilities available in it and the ease of means Transportation and proximity to central areas.

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