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Moving to Turkey for permanent residence is a dream of residents of different countries and representatives of different nationalities. Many of them decide to change their country of residence, since Turkey is considered one of the prosperous countries that can provide such a welcome stability to its citizens.

Turks are a friendly and hospitable people. Despite the fact that Islam dominates in Turkey as the main religion, in general it is a country with democratic European standards of living and everyday life.

The easiest way to obtain Turkish citizenship and a passport is to purchase real estate in Turkey, or invest $ 250,000 in the Turkish economy.

Let's talk about the benefits of owning a Turkish passport. The main advantage for the holder of a Turkish passport is visa-free communication with more than 70 countries. People living travel, as well as businessmen, often traveling on business abroad, will confirm this.

The ability to get a Turkish passport in record time - 60 calendar days - is not at all a fantasy. With the receipt of the long-awaited document, you can use all the rights and privileges of the citizens of this beautiful country.

These are social guarantees, pension programs, insurance. Turkey also permits dual citizenship. That is, you can remain a citizen of the country in which you were born, do not break off ties with your homeland, receiving many additional opportunities in life.

Among the advantages provided by Turkish citizenship are preferential medical care, as well as the opportunity to work in various sectors of the economy without additional permits. You can officially get a job where foreigners are not allowed (some medical specialties, jurisprudence, customs, and more).

There are several varieties of Turkish passports that vary in color.

Green passport. This color is reserved for Turkish officers who serve outside the country. They are also owned by diplomats, retired parliamentarians, employees and pensioners of the Banking Supervision and Regulation Agency, as well as their wives and children. Black passport consists of 52 pages.

Red passport. Available for most citizens of other countries who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship. It can be obtained by investing in real estate, as we said earlier. It consists of 60 pages and is issued for 10 years. You can extend such a passport through the consulates of the Republic of Turkey in different countries of the world.

To get a Turkish passport, you need to go through the following steps:

1. You must make an appointment by calling 199.
2. At the end of the meeting, pay the fees by going to the PTT department (Turkish Post).
3. Bring two photos for your personal record.
4. If you have an old passport, you must provide it as well.
5. Show your identity card, not a copy of it.

With a positive decision, the registration of the passport will be only 5-7 days.

If the passport does not reach the owner for any reason, it will be transferred to a special office, from where you can pick it up personally.

The cost of issuing a Turkish passport:
* for a six-month period - $ 368.8, including fees
* for one year - $ 464.5
* for a three-year period - $ 865.9

If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase real estate in Turkey, you can always contact our specialists to find the best housing and detailed information. You can find our offer of real estate in Turkey here.

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