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Turkey has become the main destination for a wide range of people around the world, and one of the most prominent aspects that made it reach this position is the rich historical aspect, and the distinct and unique geographical aspect. On the other hand, the Turkish government has provided the suitable and appropriate conditions for investment to encourage investment in Turkey. The country is an encouraging and attractive place for foreign investments, by reducing the tax and issuing the real estate residence law in Turkey when buying a property, thus the number of investors coming to reside in Turkey through buying a property is constantly increasing, whether in residential complexes or independent buildings, where luxury residency is available since it contains all the daily amenities ranging from apartments to luxurious villas. 

Imagine that you can now buy a house in Turkey and extract the real estate residence at the same time, and whether this house is a residential or investment property, it will facilitate your residence in Turkey and you will benefit from the advantages, as you will not buy an apartment, for example in Turkey, to obtain the residence only, you can invest in this apartment through renting taking into account that the price of the apartment will increase directly over the course of days. 

Real estate residency requirements: 

If you buy a property in Turkey to obtain the residence known as real estate residency, and you are looking for the necessary documents to apply for it, this is what you need to extract it: 

  • Entry stamp to Turkey. 
  • The presence of the real estate owner in Turkey. 
  • Apply for an appointment for an interview. 
  • Extracting a tax number from the tax department. 
  • Pay the tax due. 
  • Visa tax. 
  • The title deed of the real estate (Tabu) certified by a notary. 
  • A copy of the lease contract (if the owner lives in another house). 
  • Extracting a property number from the municipality. 
  • 5 personal photos for each person. 
  • A certificate of continuity of the title deed, obtained from the directorate of the title deed in the region. 
  • A passport that is valid for a period of not less than six months. 
  • Health insurance in Turkish territory for every member of the family. 
  • Family book and birth certificates for children under the age of 18. 

Real estate residence costs:

 As for the costs of residency in Turkey by buying a property; they depend on the type and price of health insurance, and the tax to extract residency in Turkey by purchasing a property that depends on the applicant’s nationality, in addition to the costs of translating and documenting papers and the costs of the office that will take over issuance of residence in Turkey by purchasing a property. 

Advantages of real estate residence in Turkey: 

Real estate residency shares many aspects with tourist residency, but real estate residency is considered stronger in terms of the ability and period of renewal granted.

The residence permit enables the owner of the property to reside on Turkish lands, by buying an apartment in Turkey, but he is not entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship through this residence, unless the property is worth at least 250 thousand dollars, then the owner has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying a property according to specific conditions. When renewing the real estate residence, the title deed must be present on the basis of which the residence was granted, and it is not permissible to apply for something else.

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