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You, as a real estate investor or interested in buying a property in Turkey, are interested in knowing the details and advantages of housing and residence in Istanbul complexes, also the advantages of the new Istanbul complexes and what attracts buyers and investors in it, in addition to the smallest details that accompany the residents of the complexes in Istanbul.

Advantages of living in residential complexes:

Protection and security

The level of security in residential complexes in Istanbul is very high, as there is a security guard room at the doors of the residential complex in Istanbul, and visitors cannot enter without the guard taking their name and knowing which apartment they will go to, and he checks the owner of the house to which they will go.

In addition to surveillance cameras, and alarm devices, which increases the chances of safety within the residential complex.

Safety and protection also ensure that apartment owners in residential complexes in Istanbul are reassured that their homes will remain safe in the event that they are absent from the house or go outside Turkey for the purpose of work or tourism and return to the house as it is and without fear of it.

Recreational and service services

What increases the importance and attractiveness of the complexes in Istanbul are the services that surround the residential towers and buildings, those facilities that provide an additional kind of luxury, comfort and pleasure. Residential complexes usually contain swimming pools and green spaces, in addition to that there are football and basketball courts, tennis courts, and children's playgrounds. This gives those who live in apartments within residential complexes in Istanbul more luxury and pleasure in spending special times without the need to leave the residential complex. In addition to that, there are sometimes restaurants and cafes also inside the complex, shops, and some complexes may have office towers, which allows your work and residence to be in the residential complex itself, in addition to what we talked about containing some complexes besides residential complexes and commercial complexes in Istanbul. Some complexes also contain a mosque and a school or kindergarten. So you can imagine the level of luxury, comfort and pleasure within the residential complex and the level of high-end and distinctive services that the residents of Istanbul’s complexes benefit from the apartments of the residential complexes have a stunning exterior and interior design.

Turkish construction companies are internationally recognized as one of the best companies that are interested in designing homes and residential complexes, especially in residential complexes in urban and vital areas such as Istanbul, where everyone notices the level of superior engineering interest in designing the external and internal structures of buildings and apartments within Istanbul complexes, and construction and real estate companies in Turkey is racing and competing to show its residential complexes in the best possible way, which increases its aesthetics, and it is also very interested in choosing the finest building materials, and the materials needed to complete the towers, including doors, windows and cabinets. Also from the inside, the apartments in the residential complexes in Istanbul enjoy their amazing and wonderful décor, and there are also spaces of different styles available in the same building and this is what distinguishes them from the apartments in separate buildings outside the residential complexes, you cannot search for apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul without finding anyone The first of its internal advantages is that it is furnished with new furniture, with well-known international brands, and with the presence of electrical appliances provided by the most prestigious electrical manufacturing companies, as well as guarantees. In talking about the details about the design of apartments in Istanbul complexes, we must stand at the distinctive views of the balconies of the apartments, as there are two types of views:

Either the apartment overlooks the touristic, lively and natural sites surrounding the complex.

Or that the view is inside the complex to the green areas surrounding the buildings and towers.

In both cases, residents enjoy stunning views to spend fun times on the balconies of their homes, breathing the fresh air of Istanbul. Another distinctive addition is that the modern Istanbul complexes take into account the very important construction conditions, the most important of which is that the building is to be built.

In a way that is resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters, as no building has been licensed in Turkey for nearly a decade and a half except under the supervision of a committee from the Earthquake and Natural Disaster Insurance Corporation.

The responsibilities of those living in Istanbul complexes are less than the responsibilities of those living in separate apartments.

This point is very convenient and a milestone in preference for apartments in complexes over other Istanbul apartments, for example when the elevator breaks down, you will not find yourself having to wait for the cost of repair to be collected from the neighbors, as the company operating the complex is the one that takes care of that, and there are so-called returns, which are a small amount that the property owner pays monthly Or the tenant is paid to the operating company to cover the costs of protection, welfare, repair, and maintenance. This reduces the responsibilities incurred by the inhabitant of an apartment in Istanbul complexes, you will find yourself in complete comfort, as there are those who are responsible for repairs and maintenance operations and bypassing any emergency breakdowns. You can also enjoy the vacation time inside the green spaces and gardens in the complex, or swim in the pool, or play the sport you prefer as a kind of entertainment without having to think about arranging or planning it, once you get out of the house, the people find their selves in front of many Services available at any time they want.

Complexes in Istanbul have distinct geographical locations

The method of choosing the appropriate location for the construction of a residential complex in Istanbul is not absurd, because most of the companies that oversee the construction of residential complexes in Istanbul are keen to build it in a vital or touristic location, near major shopping centers and the latest commercial complexes in Istanbul, and are often surrounded by a network Fast transportation, or modern transmission lines, and even the best residential complexes in Istanbul are those that are located in urban transformation areas, because real estate in these areas are highly suitable for residential investment and have a very great opportunity to increase real estate prices in them in a way that exceeds the normal rates to increase real estate prices in Istanbul. 

We at Arizona Real Estate have always been explaining to our customers and those looking for real estate consultancy that choosing the right and distinctive location gives importance to your property in Istanbul, and this is what Istanbul real estate developers and those in charge of establishing modern residential complexes seek in Istanbul, because they choose distinctive geographical locations for their complexes to increase their attractiveness.

If you are someone who wants to try buying a property in Turkey and looking for the best residential complexes in Istanbul. Arizona Real Estate Investment and Development Company opens its arms for you to follow for yourself the specifications and features of the most important apartments within residential complexes in Istanbul through our company, and we are also honored to receive your consultations and inquiries about real estate in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, and it will answer all your questions with a group of the best Real estate experts in Turkey and working within the staff of Arizona Real Estate Company.

The evaluation of the best residential complex in Istanbul depends on several rules and constants, but some of them are variables that depend on your circumstances as a foreign investor in Istanbul.

But at first it is important to know what is the purpose of buying an apartment in a residential complex in Istanbul? Then you can determine the best area to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul.

To determine the quality of your investment, you have to know whether you are interested in financial investment in the apartment that you intend to buy or do you want to buy it for the purpose of housing and settlement in Istanbul?

If you intend to invest in Istanbul ... you should go to buy apartments for sale in Istanbul in investment areas in the city, such as the Basin Express area in Istanbul or Arnavutkoy, which includes the new Istanbul airport, the largest airport in the world. Or even the hub Zeytinburnu area in the heart of the European city of Istanbul.

As for residential areas, the best areas are Beylikduzu, Bahcesehir, Esenyurt, Florya, and Bakirkoy in general.

Therefore, the region is the first factor in determining the best residential complex in Istanbul for you.

Likewise, the construction company that established the residential complex and built it has an important role in determining the sobriety and value of the residential complex.

There are construction companies that give the residential complex a high investment value due to the successful past experiences that it has made before.

There are lagging construction companies that have not previously conducted successful experiments in building residential complexes in Istanbul and have been late in handing over the housing complex due to their bankruptcy or lack of credibility.

Even if the construction companies complete the residential complex and deliver it, you have to make sure of the internal finishes of the residential complexes that the construction company built in advance, this determines the importance and preference of the new housing complex that you are building.

We move to talk about the price point, the prices are mainly determined by the factor of the area on which the residential complex is located, so the residential complexes in Sisli area are twice as expensive as the residential complexes in Esenyurt or Beylikduzu, not because of the badness of these two areas, but because Sisli is the most important area in the heart of Istanbul. Which is pivotal and has a great tourist, investment and financial value for the city.

Based on the prices, you can also determine the residential complex that is best for you. The internal and external finishes of the complex, the services in it, the geographical location in relation to the city, the service location for transportation and the educational and health institutes near the complex are factors that determine the value of the apartments in the residential complex.

Also, the prices of apartments under construction are less valuable than the prices of apartments ready for delivery, so many economists advise that if your goal of real estate ownership is investment, you should buy the property under construction because its value will be higher over the stages of building the project until its readiness for delivery.

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