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Villas in Turkey are classified as a separate house that provides its residents with an element of privacy, as it is a reasonable distance from the surrounding houses. Villas in Turkey usually consist of two floors, The villa is considered one of the luxurious homes where only the high-class people live, and it is usually only built in high-end areas that are suitable for that class. The lower level of the villa is devoted to the vital area of ​​the house and is mostly open to a lively home garden, while the upper floor is devoted to bedrooms, which start from 3 bedrooms, and also exceed that according to the area of ​​the villa from the inside, which makes it more like duplexes.

It is natural when searching for villas for sale in Turkey, you will find differences between the prices of villas in Turkey, depending on several factors that will greatly affect the prices of villas, when you search for villas for sale in Turkey such as location, geographical nature, proximity to the city center, size, and the extent of luxury finishes, The interaction of supply and demand ...

When you find villas for sale in Turkey located in Istanbul, you will find prices compared to their European counterparts, you will notice a significant decrease in the prices of Istanbul villas and real estate in general, which makes Turkey truly an attractive investment environment for investors from all over the world.

So what types of villas in Turkey will you find while searching for villas for sale in Turkey?

Villas for sale in Turkey (villas of the normal type). Normal villas for sale in Turkey are spread on the outskirts of Turkey's cities and across the Turkish countryside away from the intended tourist centers and vital points. That is why the prices of regular villas (villas for sale in Turkey) are cheaper than the rest of the types of villas in Turkey in general.

Villas for sale in Turkey have a tourist character. They are touristy, with stunning views of green or sea areas, and compared to regular villas, we find that the prices of tourist villas are significantly higher.

As for the villas for sale in Turkey (with a historical character), which are palaces that witnessed famous historical events in Turkey, and perhaps the best example in this area is the Ottoman palaces overlooking the Bosphorus in Istanbul, and these palaces are famous for their very high prices so that they attract the elite of the wealthy Arabs. Some of those mansions are priced at $ 100 million.

There are several ways to search for buying villas for sale in Turkey, so you can buy villas for sale in Turkey by personally searching, and you can also search for villas for sale in Turkey through the Internet and finally, you will get your request when searching to buy villas through the help Real estate company in Turkey.

 Remember when you buy villas in Turkey for the purpose of investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship, Turkish law stipulated that the property must have some conditions for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for owning a property, which are:

* That the value of the property (villas in Turkey) / purchased real estate is 250 thousand dollars and more, or its equivalent in Turkish currency, according to the exchange rate.

* Registering the property in Turkey (villas in Turkey) legally in the Land Registry Department, whether this property is ready, or it is apartments and real estate with a floor easement / or under construction.

* That the property be purchased from a person who has Turkish citizenship or a Turkish construction company.

* That the value of the property (villas in Turkey) be paid through a regular bank transfer.

* Foreigners are also required to obtain a real estate appraisal report from a real estate appraisal company approved by the Turkish government.

There are some points that must be taken into account when buying a villa for sale in Turkey, which is: Does the area of ​​buying a villa in Turkey that you want to live in should be a calm or lively area? And do you want a villa in Turkey to be bought in an area where you have neighbors? Or do you prefer to live in a more private area? Do we prefer to have service units such as hospitals and schools around where the villa will live?

There are some places that have the best villas for sale in Turkey (Yesil Yurt area), as it is one of the places where you can find your request when searching for villas in Turkey. This area is located on the European side of Istanbul, and in the past, it had a great demand due to the distance To Ataturk Airport, the second misleading area for buying villas in Turkey is Buyukcekmece, which is a place located in the west of Istanbul, but you move away from the city center on the other hand, Buyukcekmece is a very developed area so you can easily meet your needs From health to education, from shopping malls to cultural areas. So you will not need to live in the city center and everything is there for you.

However, there are some faults in Turkey's villas, as they do not have sufficient safety factors. This is because it is easy for a thief to break into its walls and enter through the garden of the house or backyard, and even if its owner decides to provide more safety factors by building a high fence that is difficult to bypass, or keeping a semi-permanent security guard, it will be costly as well.

Since we agree that any house needs regular maintenance from time to time, and since your purchase of a villa in Turkey is considered an independent home, the cost of maintenance will therefore be on the shoulders of the resident family alone, unlike the case in terrace houses, which are shared with each other in one wall or more, so the neighbors share together in all services, including the cost of maintenance, and as for the cost, when buying villas for sale in Turkey, it will cost a very high and great cost.

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