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The charm of pristine nature, the outlandish interweaving of tree branches, the charm of purity and pristineness that you can enjoy while forgetting the hectic everyday life. If you need to spend time in unhurried thoughts, restore harmony in the soul, then there is nothing more important than touching nature. Nothing has changed here for centuries, the trees rustled with leaves, the flowers gave off a heady aroma, the air was just as clear and ringing. There are many beautiful places on earth where a person merges with nature, and one of them is the Belgrade Forest, located not far from Istanbul.

Belgrade Forest is considered one of the most famous natural attractions of Turkey. It is located on the Black Sea coast 20 km from Istanbul and is geographically located at the easternmost point of the Thracian Peninsula. The forest attracts thousands of local visitors and is also a popular place to visit among tourists from all over the world. Here you can enjoy picturesque landscapes on the territory of over 5500 hectares. In the mixed deciduous forest you will find more than 3,000 species of plants, especially oak trees.

Belgrade Forest is one of the most important natural green areas of Istanbul and its environs, therefore, the state carefully monitors the order at this facility, avoiding damage to the pristine beauty of the forest. Cutting down trees, as well as other acts of vandalism, is completely unacceptable.

The forest is convenient for visiting due to the proximity to the city center, it is easy to reach. In the east, it is surrounded by the Bosphorus, in the north - by the Black Sea.

Anyone, observing the established rules, can spend an unforgettable time here alone, with friends or family. You can observe and photograph many birds, animals and reptiles, wandering around the endless reaches of the forest. Enjoy the views of lakes with floating ducks.

Hiking in the 11 parks included in it will amaze you with magnificent views. There is an amazing variety of trees: oaks, pines and spruce bend over cozy endless paths.

In the Ataturk nursery you can see the rarest plants of this area - their number exceeds 1000 species.

From the Byzantine era, an old irrigation system has remained here, the basis of which is huge water tanks used for irrigation of land in various ways.

Here you can go in for sports: try horseback riding or ride a bike on specially designated tracks for this.

You can also have an outdoor barbecue and enjoy your meal right in the beautiful scenery, combining body and soul nutrition.

It is difficult to describe in words the beauty and atmosphere of the Belgrade forest, its special appeal that makes guests come back here again and again. Every tourist must make an unforgettable walk in this place of power.

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