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Want to buy an apartment for life that meets all your needs? Our range of services will provide a suitable environment for your life and well-being of your family. But there is a rather difficult choice that many buyers face: which is better - a house or an apartment in a residential complex with developed infrastructure.

This question should be asked by a specialist who, taking into account your wishes and possibilities, will help to understand all the nuances of the process of buying a property, answer difficult questions, and help to see the whole picture. You can avoid the typical mistakes and confusions that, alas, many buyers face. You will receive exactly the housing that meets your aspirations and ideas about comfort.

An apartment in a separate house has several advantages, including silence and comfort, autonomy and tranquility. However, there are significant drawbacks: this is a lower level of security, the lack of maintenance at home, which will have to take over. For many, this is a factor of concern. Residential complexes, where special services are responsible for the economic part and the safety of residents, are the most comfortable place to stay for those who want to have less worries. Get it all at once? Yes, that’s quite real.

Below we will give you the most obvious advantages of living in a modern kofmort-class residential complex.

Unity of form and reasonable design

Residential complexes are a well-designed and reliable engineering construction building, which is made with the latest technology and is an object of architecture, which is also of aesthetic value. The harmony and luxury of the form is combined with maximum ergonomics and convenience.

Available Services

Inside the residential complexes there is a full and diverse infrastructure of services necessary for daily comfortable living and meeting all domestic needs. You do not need to travel far beyond the quarter to get the right service or buy something. There is everything for you to save your time and energy.

Privacy and tranquility

Residential complexes in Turkey are an island of calm in the stormy sea of ​​urban life. The location of the complexes gives you a sense of privacy and avoids street noise. In addition, thanks to security measures, not a single stranger will be able to enter the complex without the consent of the owners.

Recreation areas and green areas

These are the most important characteristics of residential complexes, here you can feel that you are on vacation, breathe deeply and any entertainment is available to you. Therefore, investors are interested in the construction of playgrounds, swimming pools, sports complexes and shopping centers. You can spend the happiest and most joyful days relaxing and having fun without leaving the quarter.


In most residential complexes you will find a comfortable spacious parking lot - and this is one of the most important points in the list of advantages of comfortable housing. You will not need to look for a place where to put the car every time.


Residential complexes in Istanbul are connected with the center and other areas of Istanbul by convenient transport interchanges. The proximity to public transport stops helps save your time and make everyday life easier for those who have not yet got their own car.

In residential complexes in Turkey there is everything for your comfort and convenience. All kinds of services, facilities and places of entertainment make living here a dream life. The choice is yours, and we are ready to help you with the search for the best home, where your constant companions will be comfort, maximum comfort, beauty and the pursuit of excellence.

If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase housing in Turkey, you can always contact our specialists to find the best housing and detailed information. You can find our offer of real estate in Turkey here.

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