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Real estate residence in Turkey 2020 has become one of the necessities due to the advantages of real estate residence in Turkey, it is very easy to extract residence in Turkey according to its type and purpose. When any person moves of from his country to another country for the purpose of stability, s/he must do several things, and one of the most important of these matters is to extract residence in Turkey where s/he intends to settle ... Real estate residence permit in Turkey 2020 is one of the many types of residency that Turkey offers to foreigners. The types of residency in Turkey take several forms:

* Student residence in Turkey is an identity card that gives its holder the right to live in Turkish lands legally, and contains personal information such as the student’s name and date of birth in addition to gender (male / female) and nationality, along with the student’s personal photo.

* Family residence permit for Turkish citizens or residents of work residency has the right to grant family residence permits to the foreign wife, children who are not adults, the wife's children who are not adults, children who need (the father) , as well as the children of his wife who need her. * Work permit is a residence permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which can be obtained by every person who owns a company in Turkey or an employee in a company, regardless of his place of work.

* Permanent residency: The provincial administrations grant long residence permits on Turkish territory and along with the approval of the ministry to foreigners who reside in Turkish territory continuously without interruption for a period of eight years.

Today we will talk about real estate residence in Turkey and how to get cheap apartments for sale for real estate residence ... The real estate residence is a type of tourist residence, but it is short-term one. Its name indicates its function, as you can obtain real estate residence by buying a property in Turkey (whether it is a land, commercial shops or apartments), or by owning something immovable within the borders of the Turkish Republic, as real estate residency in Turkey is granted in 2020 to foreign nationals, according to the law that allows those who have purchased real estate in Turkey ...

As for the documents required to obtain cheap apartments for sale for real estate residence in Turkey:

* The title deed of the property, and the applicant will obtain the real estate residency according to the title deed, in addition to having a copy of it.

* A document for registering the title deed, which is extracted from the General Directorate in charge of land areas, the Land Registry Department.

* To obtain real estate residence in Turkey you need four personal photos with a white background.

* A copy of the passport, a copy of the entry stamp to the Turkish territory from one of the Turkish airports, a picture of the date of granting the passport and the expiration date, and a photo of the visa in case the entry into Turkish lands was done through a visa.

* Certification of the passport and its translation from one of the Notre offices located in all regions of Turkey.

* Extracting a tax number, obtained from the tax department.

* A residence document extracted from the Population Department in the region in which the property is located in Turkey.

* Health insurance sheet for the property owner in Turkey.

* The Numarataj paper, whose function is to identify the building by the municipality, and its primary function is to give a number for the house that was purchased by the municipality of the region, in which the property was located in Turkey.

* A document to pay insurance for natural disasters and earthquakes, which is extracted from the Directorate of Survey and Lands, or from centers that the state distributes in several regions to pay earthquake insurance.

Can the real estate residence permit be renewed in Turkey if its validity period expires?

The real estate residence permit in Turkey can be renewed if its validity period expires, however, the real estate residence in Turkey is granted for a period of two years, and it is renewed as soon as its validity period expires. You need some documents to renew the real estate residence in Turkey:

* Book an appointment from the Immigration Department via the website.

* The same documents that were submitted when extracting the original residence are submitted.

* Receipt of payment of the first residency extraction tax.

* A copy of the expired real estate residence permit.

* The title deed through which the first residence was obtained.

As for the costs of residency in Turkey by buying a property, they depend on the type and price of health insurance, and the tax to extract residency in Turkey by purchasing a property that depends on the applicant’s nationality, in addition to the costs of translating and documenting papers and the costs of the office that will issue Residence in Turkey. However, you must distinguish the difference between and residence in Turkey by buying a property and tourist residence. There are big differences between the tourist residence and real estate residence in Turkey, so the real estate residence differs from the tourist in several points, namely:

* If the property reaches a value of $ 250,000, then its owner has the right to obtain citizenship, if he fulfills the rest of the conditions.

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