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If you are trying to buy a house in Turkey, you must first be well-acquainted with all the procedures and transactions that may face you in the Turkish laws related to buying a house in Turkey ..

We will answer all the questions raised about buying a house in Turkey and whether or not the option to buy a house is a suitable option for them or not, in addition to all the things that you need to think about before buying a house in Turkey, whether for the purpose of housing or real estate investment.

So what are the ways to search for a home in Turkey?

There are several ways to search for a home in Turkey, and we will provide a detailed explanation of each method of buying a home in Turkey. You can buy a house by personally searching for the apartment, and you can also search via the Internet. Finally, you will receive your request when searching for a home in Turkey through the help of a real estate company..

Let's start by searching for buying a house through a personal search which is the most effortless for you, especially if you are new to and do not know enough details about the distinctive areas, you will face great difficulty when looking to buy a house in Turkey, but if you have resided in Turkey for a good time, the obstacles may be In front of you is less, and your journey to search for a house in Turkey will end smoothly and successfully, in addition to the problems that you face through the Turkish language.

One of the well-known methods when searching for buying a house in Turkey through the Internet is that the Internet can be very useful in the search process and find it, but it is useful to be careful when doing the search for buying a house through the Internet, there are many sites in which you can find lists in English or Arabic that will help you get a house, in addition to the amount of information that you will get a lot by searching on the Internet, you will be able to know how to buy a property, and what are the house prices in Turkey, and you will also find villas when you search for a house in Turkey.

And the safest way when searching for a home in Turkey is to contact a real estate company, as it is one of the easiest way to get a house that suits your options and with less effort.

Dealing with Arizona Real Estate Development Company is very beneficial for those wishing to buy a house in Turkey because it provides all the services you need in the field of real estate and legal real estate consultancy based on the best specialists in the field of real estate from contracts and title deeds to ensure for investors the process of buying a home in Turkey successful and achieving the desired results from the investment Real estate.

Arizona Real Estate Development also monitors and studies the real estate market and works on creating reports for the movement of real estate markets, in addition to informing those wishing to buy a house in Turkey about the best real estate investment opportunities through its look at the real estate market.

And remember when you buy a house in Turkey for the purpose of investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship, Turkish law stipulated that the property must have some conditions for those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for owning a property (buying a house in Turkey), which are:

* That the value of the property (apartment in Turkey) / the purchased real estate is 250 thousand dollars and more, or its equivalent in Turkish currency, according to the exchange rate.

* Registering the property in Turkey (a house in Turkey) legally in the Tapu Department, whether this property is ready, or apartments and real estate with a floor easement / or under construction.

* That the property be purchased from a person who has Turkish citizenship or a Turkish construction company.

* That the value of the property (a house in Turkey) be paid through a regular bank transfer.

* Foreigners are also required to obtain a real estate appraisal report from a real estate appraisal company approved by the Turkish government

Obtaining a house in Turkey on your own requires you to master the Turkish language to ensure easy communication with the seller, especially as you need to ask a lot of questions and inquiries and get a satisfactory answer for you.

There are tips that you should follow when buying a home in Turkey:

  • Be sure to have a real estate appraisal report when buying a house in Turkey, and the evaluation will include the following points: real estate registry information, information about the location, transportation and general surroundings of the property, legal notes related to the property, technical property specifications and many more.
  • Complete the ownership procedures when buying a house in Turkey in the Land Registry Department exclusively. The process of selling and buying an apartment in the Land Registry Department is the right way, as any unofficial contracts issued by the notary, the chosen person, or other authorities are considered "insufficient"
  • Ensure that the real estate seller is the real owner of this property, by securing a copy of the property title deed and reviewing the Real Estate Department  accordingly, and verifying whether the information contained in the mentioned document is identical to the information recorded in the real estate records.
  • The need to verify that the sold property is the same property offered to the buyer, so it is necessary to reach the actual address by determining the exact location of the property, based on the real estate map approved by the Real Estate Survey Department.
  • Ensure that there are no restrictions on the property (during the search to buy a house in Turkey), such as foreclosure or seizure signs that prevent the sale and purchase process, which is likely to reflect a negative impact on the property in Turkey.

What is the advantage of Istanbul residential complexes 2021?

Like any economic wheel that continues to rotate, the wheel of real estate investment in Istanbul does not stop offering more unique options to the foreign investor.

Istanbul is known as a developed city running on modern technology, from the style of this city the general pattern of Istanbul residential complexes 2021 can be derived.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey in terms of population, and it is the first economic city in Turkey, as investments in it vary from investments in tourism and investments in trade, export and manufacturing.

These features have made Turkey occupies the first ranks in terms of real estate sales, as a statistic published by the Turkish Anadolu Agency says that more than 17 thousand properties are sold to foreign investors in Istanbul, the Iraqis invested the largest percentage, as they bought more than 900 properties in Istanbul, followed by the Iranians with 860 Real estate, then the Russians, with nearly 500 properties.

In Istanbul it comes for various reasons, including:

  1. Istanbul is the most economically strong city in Turkey

Istanbul is one of the most powerful cities in the world in the economy as well, as many areas of investment are active in it, as mentioned, and there are historical and archaeological features and monuments that have been documented by the United Nations Heritage Organization.

Tourists flock from all over the world to visit the historical places of Istanbul and enjoy its bustling nights and elegant and distinctive mornings.

Real estate investment in Istanbul grows as soon as other investment fields grow, similar to that owning real estate in Istanbul is an economy in itself, but it is strengthened more by the wheel of other investments.

  1. High investment indicators regarding real estate in Istanbul

Economists classify that investing in real estate in Istanbul is a successful and guaranteed investment, as this city has all the characteristics that make investment grow and investors reap huge profits from their investments.

Real estate prices in Istanbul are rising at certain and clear rates annually, under the regulation and control of the Turkish government itself, this regulation makes the investor know how to determine the percentage of profit from his investments annually.

And every year, the percentages increase more than the previous year, and this means that you can recover the amount of your investment in apartments in Istanbul after 10-12 years as a maximum.

The cities that offer you this scholarship globally are few, so Istanbul is classified as an economically strong city.

  1. The large number of real estate options in Istanbul

The great diversity of Istanbul real estate does not force you with a certain number of options, but rather provides you with multiple options so that you can choose the most suitable property for you and your real estate goal.

Also, the regions and neighborhoods in Istanbul are classified as high-end, and in each neighborhood there are a number of ready-made residential complexes, and a larger number of residential complexes under construction, and those who think of investing often go to real estate under construction because their prices are lower than ready-made real estate prices.

Unlike those looking for housing and stability in Turkey, they always prefer to buy ready-made apartments in Istanbul, so that they can move to their new home immediately.

  1. Istanbul complexes 2021

Along each square and every neighborhood in Istanbul, you will find in front of you a number of residential complexes that are about to be completed and delivered, and according to the laws that the Turkish government puts in place on construction companies, residential complexes must have certain characteristics that make them resistant to earthquakes, weather conditions and the factors that accompany them, which may be Some problems pose to buildings.

Therefore, you find that the complexes are always the best choice for investors, as they are built on unique global characteristics, with smart apartment styles that depend entirely on technology and development.

Also, residential complexes in Istanbul 2021 have developed in terms of spaces and room spaces, so if you are looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul within complexes, you can notice that the rooms have become more spacious than before.

Also, the apartments themselves are spacious and there are various spaces that allow you to furnish the house as you want without the space hindrance being a problem for you.

Most of the residential complexes in Istanbul 2021 are located in areas such as:

  1. Basaksehir
  2. Bahcesehir
  3. Beylikduzu
  4. Maslak
  5. Sisli
  6. Esenyurt
  7. Ata famous
  8. Borno olives

Are you thinking of owning apartments for sale in Istanbul 2021? Connect with us.

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