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When you think of the idea of ​​buying a property in Turkey, you will always need to compare the options presented to you, especially in terms of real estate prices in Turkey.

And after finding the Turkish property you want to buy after a long search attempt, you will ask yourself some important questions such as: Is the cost of the property in Turkey that you chose too expensive? Is it possible to find the same features of the property but at a lower price? And many other questions.

How can you compare real estate offers in Turkey? Now we will talk about the reasons related to real estate prices in Turkey ...

  • The real estate in Turkey that you want to compare it is important to be in the same neighborhood, or within very close limits to each other even if all the other properties of the real estate are the same and the reason behind this is the differences in the price per square meter between the different areas in the same city.
  • If the Turkish property that you want to compare is new, then the second property must also be new even if the property has the same characteristics, so if you compare an old property in Turkey with a modern one, the result of such a comparison will be incorrect and misleading.
  • Swimming pools, sports centers, children's playgrounds, a private garden belonging to the apartment is an important part of the factors that help determine property prices in Turkey, so it is important to take care to ensure that the Turkey properties that will be compared include the same services.
  • There is a difference between comparing real estate that includes parking lots and other real estate in Turkey that does not include car parking. Likewise, there are difficulties in real estate in Turkey, the elevator makes the elderly and sick more willing to buy a property in it, and it is also a factor that increases the value of Turkey's real estate.
  • The properties that are close to each other should be compared in terms of their area in square meters and based on the prices of units of square meters. Even if they are close to each other in terms of their location, it would be a mistake to compare properties for properties that are of very different areas. The reason for this is that in most cases, the larger the property, the lower the unit price per square meter.

But before buying a property in Turkey, every property seeker should follow an important checkout to get the best real estate offer  ...

  1. It is important that you know how ready you are to buy a property in Turkey, that your lifestyle is compatible with the investment you want to make, and that your financial capabilities are compatible with market prices in Turkey, in addition to being compatible with your future plans.
  2. You must specify the budget for buying a property in Turkey to avoid the dispersion that you are exposed to during your visit to some real estate projects and to know the prices of the square meter in Turkey’s real estate in each project, so set the maximum and minimum budget for buying a property , in addition to determining the necessary features that you want to have in the property that you desire.
  3. You do not need a real estate company in the process of buying a property only, you need a real estate company that accompanies you on the journey of ownership from its inception until after the sale process. The real estate company will be responsible for providing data about the areas in which you want to buy your property with the provision of housing projects commensurate with your specific budget, in addition to providing information about payment methods after purchasing the property in Turkey.
  4. The choice of the property in Turkey must be linked to the points necessary with the quality of the area of ​​the property desired to be purchased and the legal integrity of the property in addition to the compatibility of the price of the property with its quality.
  5. After you find the right Turkey property for you, the process of studying the contract begins here by the legal expert of the company that deals with it to verify the terms of delivery of the property, payment terms, the title deed and other legal information related to the property, and the company is responsible for completing the purchase process and extracting all the required documents .

What types of real estate can you get when buying a property in Turkey?

Buying Turkey's commercial real estate: it is investing in non-residential property types, such as commercial offices and shops.

Buying Turkey's residential real estate: It is investing in real estate used for residential purposes only, such as villas, and houses for sale.

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