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Real estate investment is a very beneficial matter within the Turkish economy, due to the great growth and development witnessed in recent years and the appetite of investors from all nationalities to buy after Turkey has become one of the most important tourist countries visited by millions of tourists, as all the various entertainment factors that are accepted by all categories of people, whether they are individuals, groups or families, are available.

From another angle, the issue of real estate investment is seen with the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment after the laws that the Turkish government began enacting in 2012 and that would put legislation to facilitate foreign ownership, but the matter went beyond that making amendments that were introduced on the special laws, the Turkish government announced a new law in September 2019 that qualifies foreign investors who buy real estate in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment with a minimum of $ 250,000, which in turn attracted thousands of investors and significantly increased the rate of growth in the real estate sector. Previously, the lowest rate of growth was $ 1,000,000, which is 4 times the current amount.

Nevertheless, the Turkish government has opened joint offices under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior and representatives of other ministries whose competence includes the same regarding work and social security, so that coordination is made between them in order to facilitate all administrative and responsible procedures for granting and obtaining Turkish citizenship.

The procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship go through several stages and take a period of time estimated about 4-6 months, depending on the circumstances and condition of each person's files separately. The Turkish government seeks during the coming period to facilitate the mechanism for obtaining Turkish citizenship and shorten the time period within no more than two months by further linking the relevant ministries to break the established routine.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property in Turkey:

The mechanism for obtaining Turkish citizenship is simple and is summarized in two conditions that:

  • the price of the property exceeds $ 250,000 or this amount is the minimum amount for a group of real estate to be purchased so that the amount is paid through a bank transfer in a Turkish bank from the buyer to the owner directly.
  • the buyer signs an undertaking with the Land Registry stating that the property will not be sold before three years of its purchase date.

 Turkish citizenship

Procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property in Turkey:

The procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship are summarized by a number of simple routine steps from the stage of purchase to obtaining citizenship.

1_ the real estate evaluation stage:

There are many reliable Turkish companies through which the property is evaluated, as a list of these centers is available within the government departments specialized in obtaining Turkish citizenship, where they inspect the property and evaluate it on the basis of data in the market during the period and the amount must exceed 250 thousand dollars in order for the investor to qualify for obtaining Turkish citizenship. The period of approval of this evaluation does not exceed three months, progress is made to grant Turkish citizenship, but in the event of more than three months, the investor must re-evaluate again

2_ Extract the title deed from the commercial registry office

The buyer registers the property in the Land Registry Department in order to be able to extract the title deed document, as it takes a maximum of three days, in which the buyer obtains the tax number, and then goes to the Land Registry Department to deliver the property in a legally approved manner. Tt is noted that the Land Registry Office will indicate that it is not possible for the properties to be sold before three years, as mentioned above

 3_ Sending documents to the Turkish citizenship acquisition center

The buyer has to translate the related documents through specialized offices and certify them at the Notre Office, then deliver them to the main office in Ankara. It is indicated here that the Turkish government seeks to open branch offices to facilitate the delivery of these documents in other regions.

4 _ General procedures

The government gives the applicant for Turkish citizenship an electronic link so that they can follow up on news via the Internet about how to obtain Turkish citizenship to inform him about any issue concerning the Turkish nationality file during the transfer of the file from one department to another, leading to the signature of the Presidency of the Republic and approval of obtaining Turkish citizenship for the person, then the Civil Affairs Department issues a Turkish identity card for the applicant, thus becoming a Turkish citizen with all rights and duties.

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