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Many nationalities aspire to live in Turkey and move to it permanently, and many of them made this decision because Turkey has a stable and luxury life. In addition, the Turkish people are friendly, hospitable and welcoming foreigners, and of course everyone knows that Turkey is a typical Islamic country, which made it an important attraction for Arab foreigners. The Arabs head to Turkey either to study in its universities and schools or to invest in it.

If you decide to obtain Turkish citizenship and receive a Turkish passport to settle or invest in it, the easiest way is to acquire Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey or by investing in Turkey, with a value of $ 250,000.

Let's talk about the Turkish passport that you will obtain and what its advantages are. Let's start with the rank that the Turkish passport occupies globally ranking 30 in the world, and every person who obtains a Turkish passport has the right to travel to many countries beyond 70 countries and without the need to obtain a visa, surely you ask yourself what benefits you will get when you get the Turkish passport, we will answer you in the following lines ...

You will get a Turkish passport in a short period that will not exceed 60 days. After that, you can benefit from retirement programs as if you are a Turkish citizen. The Turkish passport also allows dual nationality, meaning that the Turkish passport holder can possess another nationality in addition to the Turkish nationality without affecting your nationality that you obtained before (mother nationality) Of course, the Turkish government gives holders of a Turkish passport the right to get medical treatment, and among the benefits that you will get from Turkish citizenship is to work in various sectors and government interests without needing a work permit. You can also practice professions prohibited to foreigners such as dentistry, law, customs clearance, notes and translation.

There are many countries that routinely give visas to individuals who obtain Turkish citizenship, including Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Sudan, Armenia, Ivory Coast, Djibouti and many others. Certainly, the Turkish passport has many types in different colors. We start with the Turkish passport, which bears the black color that no one has the right to own. It is intended for Turkish officers whose nature of work is outside the country, while the gray Turkish passport is reserved for diplomats only, as for the green passport, it is for the high-level class of officers such as retired parliamentarians, employees and retirees of the Banking Supervision and Regulatory Institution, as well as their spouses and children, it consists of 52 pages, and finally the red Turkish passport, which is recognized by the majority, is for the general public and can be obtained through real estate investment as mentioned earlier and consists of 60 pages and has a duration of 10 years. It is renewed from a Turkish consulate or from inside Turkey, and the Turkish passport renewal fee is less than a thousand dollars.

As for the steps to obtain a Turkish passport, they are as follows:                             

  • You must book an appointment by calling 199.
  • Before coming to the appointment, you must pay your fees by going to the ppt section
  • Bring two personal photos for personal cards.
  • And if you have an old passport, you must bring it.
  • Bring the ID card, not a copy.

The time it takes for the passport to arrive at your address is between 5 days to a week. If the passport does not reach the person concerned for any reason, the passport will be delivered to the district office, and from there you can bring it in person.

As for the cost of the Turkish passport, it is as follows: The cost of a Turkish passport for a period of six months is (368.8), including fees and book allowances, while the cost of a Turkish passport for a period of one year is(464.5), its cost for a period of three years is (865.9).


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