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The Turkish real estate market is considered one of the busiest in the world. The growth of its indicators in recent years was due to the attention to it from the state, which invests considerable funds here. The positive dynamics of the market is due to serious shifts in different areas of the country's economic life, primarily the development of infrastructure.

This applies to both newly built and old quarters, where modernization is constantly taking place. Roads, objects of social significance are being built, transport links are actively developing. A large share of the market is occupied by hotels, places of rest, parks, landscaping of markets and shopping centers.
It is thanks to this qualitative shift in Turkey that there has been a noticeable increase in demand for the purchase of real estate in various regions and cities.

Many foreign investors seek to take possession of real estate, while the Turks themselves seek to improve the quality of life and expand their living space. A large number of foreign students also live here, the number of which is increasing annually due to the clear advantages of studying at Turkish universities. Students here receive a level of education not lower than European, as well as a fairly high standard of living. Reasonable prices for tuition, real estate and everything necessary for life made Turkey a very competitive state for both students and investors.

Popular not only residential real estate. Turkey has a very high demand for offices and other types of commercial real estate. In addition, hotels, apartments and villas bring huge profits to their owners. After all, Turkey is a leader among world resorts.

There are lands whose prices are rising in accordance with the overall growth of the real estate sector in Turkey. Investments in the real estate sector are becoming extremely popular with foreign businessmen, since they are practically a guarantee of very large profits.

Istanbul is not the only Turkish city where the real estate market is growing. The list of such cities is growing annually, which indicates the intensive development and growing demand in the real estate sector in recent years. In cities such as Izmir, which is one of the most important economic centers of Turkey. A paradise for foreigners and residents of the country, and the territory where the tourism sector is experiencing huge growth. The economic prosperity of the region is based mainly on tourism and, accordingly, the developing real estate market.

The increasing demand for temporary and permanent housing in the region guarantees a profitable investment in the real estate sector and the viability of your investments.

Foreign investors in the Turkish real estate sector know very well how simple the procedure for buying and registering property, as well as preparing documents for living in the country for those who purchase housing. All stages can be completed fairly quickly and unhindered to dispose of your assets in the future. It is worth mentioning that taxes in the Turkish real estate sector are considered one of the lowest in the world.

Foreign buyers are exempt from value added tax, which would significantly increase the average price tag for real estate. Therefore, you buy not only quickly, but also save an impressive amount of money.

But starting to study the real estate market in Turkey, the buyer should choose for himself the most reliable and reputable agencies operating in this market. Even having a lot of general information, a foreigner does not have the opportunity to thoroughly study all the nuances and features of the market in order to direct his searches in the right direction. Hidden conditions, pitfalls in real estate transactions - these are the problems that you will encounter without professional support.

Unfortunately, there are one-day companies on the market, for which a small one-time profit is more important than credibility in the professional community and customer trust. Therefore, it is worth contacting an agency that, by its reviews and a solid portfolio, will inspire confidence in you, whose specialists will be able to provide you with the most varied and most suitable options, conduct an expert assessment.

Buying an apartment in Turkey, thanks to the work of our company, is as simple as in any modern country. In addition, the purchase of an apartment will allow you to open a residence permit in this country. Our experts will help you to easily register ownership of real estate without much effort and expense. The sale of apartments in Turkey to citizens of the former USSR is gaining more and more popularity every year. This is due to affordable real estate prices and a fairly low purchase tax.

If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase real estate in Turkey, you can always contact our specialists to find the best housing and detailed information. You can find our offer of real estate in Turkey here.

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