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For those wishing to stay in Turkey for a period of more than 90 days, including investors and students, and those wishing to work, they must obtain a residence in Turkey, which is a necessity.

The state has endeavored to obtain residency permits in Turkey for foreigners of all kinds, and stays in Turkey are extracted in the Wish Department (General Directorate of Immigration Administration) of the Ministry of Interior in Turkey, after the foreigner prepares and completes all the necessary papers and documents required to extract any type of residence in Turkey.

Among the most important types of residency in Turkey, according to the Turkish Wish Department:

1) Tourist residency, which is usually granted for one year.

2) Student residency. This residence is granted to students who come to Turkey and complete their education in Turkish universities.

3) Residence of humanitarian cases. This type of residence is granted to foreigners who come to Turkey and have a special humanitarian status.

4) Real estate residence permit granted to foreigners who own properties or real estate in Turkey.

5) Family residence permit in the event of marriage to a Turkish wife / Turkish husband, and the period of family residence may be one, two or three years.

6) Employment residence permit, which is intended for foreigners employed in Turkish companies.

In our following article, we will talk about permanent residency and work residency in Turkey, and we will now go into details related to it:

What is the work permit in Turkey? What are its advantages? How can you get a work residency in Turkey?

It is a permit that allows foreigners to work in Turkey officially and benefit from the advantages that foreigners get in Turkey. The advantages of establishing work in Turkey: free treatment in Turkey's hospitals, the applicant's obtaining Turkish citizenship after 5 years, education in Turkish schools and universities for free as well, and to take advantage of all the privileges that the government of Turkey gives to the owners of this type of residence (work residency in Turkey). It takes a period not exceeding 40 days to obtain a work permit in Turkey for.

Is it possible for a foreigner to obtain a work residency in Turkey without being in Turkey?

 Certainly, you will be able to obtain work residency in Turkey from outside Turkey.

What are the required methods to apply and obtain work residency in Turkey?

A foreigner wishing to obtain this residence has two options to obtain work residency in Turkey, either obtaining the residence permit from inside Turkey or obtaining it while outside Turkish territory.

Obtaining a work permit when in Turkey

In this case, you must first obtain a tourist residence and then convert the tourist residence to a work permit in Turkey.

Obtaining a work permit when outside Turkey

If you have a residence permit in any other country, then this solution suits you, as Turkish law allows company owners to obtain work permits in Turkey by visiting one of the Turkish embassies in the country and bringing all the documents related to your company and then applying for a work permit.

What are the conditions for obtaining permanent residency in Turkey?

1) A permanent residence permit in Turkey is granted with the approval of the Ministry of Interior for foreigners residing in Turkey, provided that they have resided there for a period of eight years without interruption.

2) One of the conditions for obtaining permanent residence in Turkey is that the applicant has not received social assistance during the last three years.

3) The resident has health insurance, but it must be valid.

4) Of course, it should not pose a threat to public order and public security in Turkey.

What are the documents required to apply for permanent residence in Turkey?

Residence permit application form, the passport and copy of it, Non-Conviction Extract, health insurance, residential address, and all the papers mentioned are submitted to the General Directorate of Immigration Management in Turkey.


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